The Lego Movie Birthday Video Invitation Animated


Awesome The Lego Movie Birthday Video Invitation animated and customized for your boy’s birthday party. Personalized video invite that you can text to your guests.

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The Lego Movie Birthday Video Invitation

Your boy’s birthday party is here! He’s sure he wants a Lego Movie theme party with his favorite characters. Why not surprise him with this incredible The Lego Movie Birthday Video Invitation Animated? Surely he will be excited and it will give a lot to talk about!

What characters do you find in this The Lego Movie birthday video invitation?

In this video invitation, you will find your boy’s favorite characters from the movie: Emmet Brickowski, Wyldstyle / Lucy, Lord Business, Bruce Wayne / Batman, MetalBeard, Princess Unikitty and many more!

How is this digital The Lego Movie video invitation different from other designs?

With the rise of social media, sending a video invite can be the cheapest, fastest, and coolest way to invite your friends and family to your birthday party. Our animated invitations have an excellent image quality, a nice background music and fully moving characters.

Specifically, this video invite is so great because the design and colors match perfectly with your birthday party, with a black background and texts in blue and white combining them perfectly with the colors of our favorite characters.

Who is this The Lego Movie birthday invitation video for?

Whether for your boy’s 5th birthday, 6th birthday, or even his 7th birthday years, this animated invitation is so much fun that it’s perfect for children of all ages.

Why do parents choose Amazing Designs US to buy birthday video invites?

Our personalized invitations stand out from the competition and as our reviews say, we offer a super fast response! Also we offer a turn around time of 24h or less!

Which part of the video can be personalized?

All text (except images and font type) is fully customizable with the information of your party for free. We do this work for you! Please contact us for any inquiries or questions regarding our invitations.

Can it be translated into another language?

Absolutely! But we may need your help.

Can a picture be added to the invitation?

In most cases it’s possible!. You would need to purchase this photo-add on service for the extra work.

For more party printables or party ideas, you can check our list of The Lego Movie party supplies. If you want a different design or some other printables for your birthday cake or party decoration, you can ask for a custom order.


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