Frequently Asked Questions

Go to the shop page “All Products”, click the product you like and click the button “Paypal Buy now” and continue to checkout. Remember to add the details necessary to customize your product (if applies). Once we receive the info from you, we then create your digital file (JPEG or PDF) and send it to your email. You can print as many copies as you’d like, either at home or a printing lab.

1. DOWNLOAD – Download the file(s) to your computer, phone or flash drive.

2. PRINT – Print on card stock, photo paper or water resistant paper.

3. CUT – Cut out design template using scissors or a craft punch.

Instant download files can be retrieve immediately upon purchase by going into your account and clicking on the downloads tab.

All personalized items are sent to your email within 24 hours.

Instant download files are not edited and customized by us, so it wouldn’t require any change.

For personalized designs, once we send you the final design, you would be able to request any change only within 72 hours sent. In case it was our mistake or we had a typo with your information, we will make the design again if it is necessary. 

If you’re needing to update a previously purchased item after 72 hours have passed since we send it to you, we have an ADD-ON Item for this case called “ADD-ON: Custom Editions/Changes”, right here.

Though we are usually pretty lenient with text changes, we’ll get it right before you go to print! Revisions do not include changes to the design itself (new design elements or layout) or additional items.

Due to the nature of digital files no refunds will be issued on customized items or instant download items AFTER the file has been sent to you. If the buyer chooses to have the files printed without correcting any errors within his 72 hours of revisions and changes, no refund will be given as you have forfeited getting the error fixed prior to printing.



Please keep in mind that AmazingDesignsUS ONLY creates the files to have printed and is not responsible for the printing aspect of the files. That is solely the responsibility of the buyer due to the many variables listed below that are out of my control.

When the file(s) ‘view’ crisply but ‘PRINT’ blurry, 99.9% of the time that means that the file(s) were saved incorrectly. Simply save/download the file to your computer. Click on attachment to open, then right click and save as.

• Colors may vary from one computer monitor to another, quality of printer used as well as the many different types or brands of paper and ink your’re printing with.

Select ‘Fit To Page’ in your printer settings so that it’ll print the entire page. You might also verify in the paper size settings of the software you’re printing with that the page size (cardstock) you are feeding into the printer is the size of the printable you’re trying to print (either 4×6, 5×7 or 8.5×11).

Also set your margin settings for ‘0’ and it will automatically default to the smallest margin setting the software will allow so that as much as the printable will print for you. Photo printers allow you to print to the edge of the paper leaving no white border. Please check printer settings to change to borderless printing option.

• Invitations are offered in 4×6 and 5×7 only.
• All invitations come as shown with no color, font or design modifications, unless you request it as an extra work by purchasing my ADD-ON: Custom Editions/Changes, right here.
• If a photo is not shown on a design, one cannot be added, unless you request it as an extra work by purchasing this item Photo ADD-ON, right here.

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